GoGetter is a task management system based on David Allen’s ever so popular Getting Things Done® methodology. GoGetter will help you stay organized and stay on track of your every day to day tasks along with any projects that may come your way. So what are you waiting for? Try GoGetter for free.

* Paid version: supports backup/restore, auto backup reminders, live tile and is ad free.

** Trial version: is ad supported.

For the price of a Caffè Latte, your contribution can help in the development of one of the best task management systems for Windows Phone.


Inbox Get all of the day to day actions, big or small, out of your head. Just dump them into the Inbox. That’s what it’s for. Then relax.
Today Consider the Today list as your personal secretary. It lets you know when actions start, are due, or past due.
Next Action The Next Action list are a collection of actions that can be done at your convenience. So, no rush just take your time when you have it.
Someday/Maybe When you have an idea on what you would like to do in the future, but have no start or due date on when to do them, just move those actions to this list.
Scheduled For those actions that have a start or due date you would want to move those items to this list.
Waiting For For those actions that you are waiting on from someone or something else, such as call backs, responses to an email you sent, orders placed, etc.. you would want to move those items to this list.
Projects What’s a task management system if you cannot define projects? We have you covered. Create as many projects as you like. The skies the limit!
Done Any action you marked checked will be able to be archived to this list. This should make your other lists nice and tidy.
Customization We know. Sometimes you don’t like how the developers define the colors, icons, opacity, or even the name on some items. Well, you can customize those features for your lists any way you like. Just swipe a list left or right to customize it.
Sort It’s like magic! Sort by due date, priority, name, reverse the order, and even view actions that are related to a specific Context.
Contexts Yes, you can assign a specific context to a action or project. As well, you can filter by the contexts of all items so it makes it easier to get things done.
Global search for actions Sometimes you have so much on your plate that you do not have a clue where you put your actions for a particular context. Was it in the Inbox, Today, Next Actions list, or some project? Now you can search for any action by context or name in any list. Easy to find and ready to be worked on.
Email or SMS your projects and actions Need to delegate or share work with a colleague? Now you can. You can send specific actions, entire projects, or even multiple projects via email or sms*. *message & data rates may apply
Backup/Restore with SkyDrive Need a safe place to store your data? Thinking of upgrading your Windows Phone memory and do not want to risk losing all of your data and its settings? GoGetter is able to backup and restore your projects, actions, and settings using the rock solid and reliable SkyDrive Service.